Lawn Mower Repairs

It’s frustrating when your lawn mower breaks down. We know. However, those poor little engines have a lot to endure – debris, dust, varying fuel quality & ages, and little to no maintenance.
Our lawn mower repair service is our bread and butter and we do the best we can to ensure your lawn mower is fixed properly the first time.
In most cases, it will cost between $120 & $150 to repair and service your lawn mower which is less than the cost of a replacement machine. You will be advised before hand if we estimate the repair cost to exceed $150.
Check out our FAQ page for tips that might get you mowing again now or for more information about what we do in a lawn mower service.

Chainsaw Repairs

Like lawn mowers, chainsaws have to work very hard. They are always used at full throttle and have to put up with lots of saw dust and debris around. A chainsaw service will generally cost around $120 to $150. We include bar dressing and chainsaw chain sharpening in our service and this adds to the time required to properly service and repair chainsaws.
Check out our FAQ page for more information about what we do in a lawn mower service.

Ride On Mower Repairs

We repair ride on mowers with a view that you do not want to have to bring it back in again next week. When we begin work on a ride on mower, we assess the entire machine and determine the work that needs to be performed in order to have the ride on perfectly reliable.
In most cases we will give you an idea of costs prior to carrying out any repairs and service work. If you cannot get the ride on mower into us, we offer a pick up and delivery service.

Whipper Snipper Repairs

We service and repair whipper snippers, line trimmers, and brushcutters. On average, the cost to carry out repairs to these units can range from $90 to $120. Should it look like the cost of repairs & service will exceed $120, we will discuss with you prior to completing the work.

Anything With an Engine

In addition to the above four very common items, we service and repair all types of outdoor power equipment – zero turn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, generators, pressure cleaners, water pumps.

For our commercial customers, we also service Plate Compactors, Wacker Packers, Stationary Engines, Flextool Products, Helicopters, Concrete Saws.

All Quality Brands

Our technicians are happy to work on any quality and reputable branded product. We closely monitor the equipment we book in so we know we can produce quality results. Brands such as Hustler, Bushranger, Oleo-Mac, Masport, Victa, Husqvarna, John Deere, Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Snapper, Rover, Greenfield, Toro, Stihl and many more are all welcome.