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In addition to repairing & servicing outdoor power equipment, we also provide the following services. Please see our Workshop page for more information regarding repairing & servicing outdoor power equipment.

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Chainsaw Chain Sharpening
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Foremost, our team are experts in the industry. We are happy to help you with any situation you may have regarding your lawn mower and other outdoor power equipment. How about that whipper snipper head and loading the line – bring it in and we will show you how to do it. Not sure if to repair or replace your lawn mower – bring it in and we can offer you our opinion. Whatever the case, we’re here to help.

We sharpen chainsaw chains daily onsite – drop it in today and it will be ready for you tomorrow morning. We will sharpen all brands of chains including Husqvarna, McCulloch, Echo & Stihl just to name a few. We will also give you advice on how to sharpen a chainsaw. Prices are $13.50 if you bring the chain in by itself off the chainsaw, or $18.50 if you bring in the chain on the chainsaw.

If your secateurs, pruners or hedge trimmers are blunt, don’t throw them away and buy new ones – come and see us about having them sharpened. Most gardening tools can be sharpened for around $25 and hedge trimmers for around $60 – $70.

We have invested heavily in a high quality MIG welder to compliment our skills in welding. With over 10 years experience in welding we are competent in MIG welding, ARC welding, metal fabrication and general welding jobs. If you have a need for something welded, even if it is not lawn mower related, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

There is nothing worse than getting half way through the lawn mowing and your lawn mower breaks down. We would love to be able to offer 1 hour turn around on lawn mower repairs but that is a challenge we are yet to meet. To help, we offer a range of equipment for hire including lawn mowers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers, and pressure cleaners.
We also own a 5×8 foot trailer for transporting ride on mowers which we are happy to provide a trailer hire service with when it is not in use – contact us for availability and pricing.

Should you need a ride on mower repair and don’t have the time or the means to drop it into the shop, we provide a pick up and delivery service. Within a 20km radius, pick up & delivery cost is $33 each way – if you are further than 20km from us please call to discuss your requirements.
In addition to ride on lawn mowers, we will also pick up and deliver all other types of equipment. We recognise that it can get expensive paying for a lawn mower service and pick up and delivery so we do not have a set price. Instead we try to accommodate you where we can and if we have to make a special trip for you, then we will charge a small fee, e.g. $10 each way, obviously dependent on your area.

Although not a service we actually provide, but if you need your lawn mowing done for you and are looking for lawn mowing services, please call us and ask – we have lots of reliable and professional lawn mowing businesses in our system that we can put you in touch with.

Unfortunately not one of the nicest of subjects, but should you have the misfortune to have had trouble and are in need of replacement outdoor power equipment, we are happy to take the time to create quotations for you to provide to your insurance company. In most cases, your garden equipment is covered under your home and contents insurance.